Our Corporate Profile

Incorporated on 15 August 2008, Southeast Asia Construction Training Centre Pte Ltd (or SCTC) was established with the aim of equipping workers with confidence and competence in their area of work, namely plumbing, sanitary and gas installations. In addition, we also provide training and assessment for copper pipe brazing and welding.

Our commitment to provide quality and meaningful courses has led us to develop well-rounded courses, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of the skill areas. Through these courses, trainees will be taught about various safety aspects and trade-related skills.

Moving forward, we intend to introduce new courses to enhance our selection of choices to help workers do better in their workplace and deliver higher quality work for their employees. In addition, we will continue to provide quality training to workers by reviewing and updating our existing course curriculum.

Our aim is to be the building industry’s preferred partner in providing training and upgrading opportunities.

SCTC Quality Courses

Quality Courses
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SCTC Confident Workers

Confident and
Competent Workers

SCTC Preferred Partner

Building Industry’s
Preferred Partner


To develop world-class talent and specialised skill sets in the area of plumbing, sanitary and gas pipe works in Southeast Asia


  1. To help train workers in the construction industry through the development of training courses and programmes.
  2. To help provide recognition for specific skills and capabilities required for the industry via accredited certifications.
  3. To establish a world-class benchmark for specialised skills in the industry.